The little veg box

The little veg box

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Our little veg box contains a mixture of veggies suitable for a small household of up to two adults & a little recipe card to give you a new idea for using up those veggies.

Your box will be carefully filled with tasty veg that is readily available from local suppliers, this helps support and sustain local businesses who really need us at this time.

Smaller scale wholesalers are experiencing some issues getting hold of reasonably priced veg at the moment. When they are up against the big buying power of the supermarkets it's hard for them to compete but rest assured, your little veg box will contain some really tasty items and we will always throw in some of 'the usual suspects' like good old potatoes, so that you can make delicious meals at home using fresh produce.

Your box will be packed with minimal packaging to reduce waste and due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation there will be some strict measures in place to keep us safe to keep delivering, and you safe so you can keep on munching.

Your little veg box must be bought & paid for here in our online store before it will be delivered to you.

Deliveries will be made in daylight hours, your little veg box will be placed on the doorstep and we will ring the bell/knock the door/ or do a little dance to let you know it's arrived.

Please only order from us if you are happy for your item to be left on your doorstep/front garden or somewhere you have specifically stated, as we are a 1 person business we cannot deliver at set times or wait for extended periods of time for you to collect your order.

As payment has already been made, we'll give you a little wave and be on our way. Simple.

Order before 6pm for next day delivery. We don't deliver on Tuesday's or Sundays.